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Dear all,

As announced a few weeks ago, Different Strings will launch a new (instrumental) track entitled "Words unspoken" featuring one of the best keyboard players in the world, Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Planet X, Sons of Apollo).

Release date - Sunday 21st January, '24 on all platforms including an animated video on Youtube


Cover revealed. Cheers and stay tuned

Let's end the year with a BANG!


In the following weeks Different Strings will be releasing, on all digital platforms, a NEW instrumental track composed by myself and featuring the amazing DEREK SHERINIAN on keyboards. Here's a taster of WORDS UNSPOKEN.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone and stay tuned

Hello fellow prog rockers. It's been a while since I wrote something. Well just wanted to let you know that a little time has passed since the release of The sands of time and boy that was the best work I ever made, with great collaborations and it is still getting some attention from new listeners. Speaking of collaborations, I am in the process of recording some new material and I already have onboard some interesting musicians to be revealed later.

Thanks for now and keep listening to Different Strings

Album finally released on the 31st of March 2021. For those who would like to purchase DS music, the crowd fund offers are still available until further notice.


Let the crowd fund begin. Thank you so much for your support










By the end of January/beginning of February a crowdfund with Zaar crowdfunding will be launched to present the album to the general public and asking for a little support from all of you. A precise date will be announced soon, so stay tuned and thank you all in advance








With all the sh*t that 2020 brought on us in so many ways, I have to say that for me turned out that it was not that bad after all. Looking forward for the release of the next album with a crowd fund launch at the end of January 2021.

Stay tuned for "The sands of time"

Cheers and happy 2021 to everyone


Thanks to Toni Sant for his feature of Different Strings' Ten dollar love, among others, on his podcast

Spread the word...share this link, please!



Although there were issues with the YouTube link we still managed to reach almost 500 views for the first week. Thanks. Here it is again.

Finally the video release of the second single "Ten dollar love" taken from the forthcoming album "The sands of time" is scheduled for next Friday 4th December at 10am.

So stay tuned


Hello boys and gals. In the following days I will be launching the video of the second single from the forthcoming album "The sands of time" entitled "Ten dollar love".

The song features AnneMarie Spiteri from Viper soup complex and Andrea Casali on vocals. This is a shrink single version and is already available on the best downloading platforms like this one here....


Different Strings - The sands of time lyric video is the first single (alternate version) taken from the album with the same title "The sands of time". The song describes the story of the post world war II people with all the problems they encountered at that time including poverty, hunger, prostitution and immigration. Taken from a bigger piece of music, this song is a tribute to all the people in the world who immigrated in search for a new life and features the voice of Andrea Casali from Icefish. Click on the link below.



A BIG thanks to for rating the newly released single "The sands of time" with 5 stars, which is the maximum you can have. Cheers Progarchives!



Different Strings - The Sands of time (single alternate version) is now available on all streaming media. Check out the lyric video below.



FINALLY!...I have the pleasure to announce that on Monday 17th August 2020, I will release the very first single and lyric video from the forthcoming album "The sands of time" with the title track "The sands of time (single alternate version)".

This release will be available on and the video on Youtube and Different Strings' FB page.

The album will feature some great local and international musicians including the great voice of Andrea Casali (Icefish, Astra) on vocals.



Like I did in the last weeks, I present you another great local musician that will share his talents on Different Strings' new album, Jean Pierre Zammit.

Jean Pierre, whom I consider as one of the greatest guitarist and mentor that our island has ever offered, will brilliantly perform a guitar solo on one of these forthcoming tracks. He has a long experience as a guitar tutor and also in playing locally and abroad with bands like Tribali and many others.

In the following weeks I will launch the first lyric video, a single version of the title track “The sands of time”, as the first promo video of the album.

So stay tuned for more info…

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